A book with popular exposition of the brain neurobiology with illustrations by Yulia Kirgizova.

ANR Project PICS — Patterns in Combinatorics

In this project, number ANR-22-CE48-0002, we aim to develop and apply a new formalism to write and study pattern correspondences between sets of combinatorial object (permutations; words; trees; Dyck, Motzkin and other lattice paths), the first steps of this formalism is already visible in our recently published works. We plan to investigate pattern distributions, pattern-aware bijective correspondences, asymptotic behavior of patterns, and their connection to discrete structures from other fields, such as DNA nullomers and RNA structures. We hope that our explicit formalism will help to find new exciting results, especially in cases where it is very difficult to study the original objects, while their bijective images look more pleasant to work with.

A research group will be formed around the project coordinator, inside the LIB (Laboratoire d’Informatique de Bourgogne, Dijon). We will maintain existing international collaborations (Glasgow, Washington, Florence, Bogotá) and seek for new interdisciplinary connections. Artistic representation of patterns and participation in various scientific popularization events are also included in our plans.

Project leader: Sergey Kirgizov.


Jean-Luc Baril, Matteo Cervetti, Richard Genestier, Rémi Maréchal, Armen Petrossian, Yann Ponty, Olivier Togni, and Vincent Vajnovszki.

Postdocs: Célia BIANE, Khaydar NURLIGAREEV

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My Hypercube and Yulia's Painting, 2020
My Hypercube and Yulia's painting

Watercolor landscape, Yulia Kirgizova, 2015-2016
Watercolor. Yulia Kirgizova. 2015, 2016.