Watercolor landscape, Yulia Kirgizova, 2015-2016

Papers in progress… (3)

  1. Transformation à la Foata for special kinds of descents and excedances
    Jean-Luc Baril and Sergey Kirgizov
    .pdf https://arxiv.org/abs/2101.01928

  2. Gray codes for Fibonacci q-decreasing words
    Jean-Luc Baril, Sergey Kirgizov and Vincent Vajnovszki
    .pdf arXiv:2010.09505 Submitted!

  3. Pattern statistics in faro words and permutations
    Jean-Luc Baril, Alexander Burstein and Sergey Kirgizov
    .pdf arXiv:2010.0670 Submitted!

13 International Journals Articles and 9 Peer-Reviewed International Conferences.
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Je suis Maître de Conférences.

I do combinatorics at LIB laboratory of Université de Bourgogne. My teaching include Unix, Information Systems and Big Data related courses at ESIREM.

Before, I studied mathematics and computer science at Siberian Altai State University, where Sergei Zhilin was a supervisor of my Master thesis. During my Master internship I worked together with Jacques Malenfant and Olga Melekhova from Paris 6 University. We showed how to apply Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Autonomic Resource Allocation in Clouds.

I defended my PhD thesis on December 2014 in Paris, under the supervision of Clémence Magnien. My Phd thesis is about the study of the Internet topology dynamics from network theoretical and statistical points of view. Then, I had a temporary teaching and research position at Université de Bourgogne where I conducted research in two fields:

For two years, I was a member of R&D group at Page Up.


More than 830 hours of various CS courses. Find details here.

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Address: LIB, Université de Bourgogne,
BP 47 870, 21078 Dijon Cedex, FRANCE

E-mail: sergey.kirgizov🐱u-bourgogne.fr