Here is the Book! Popular exposition of the brain neurobiology with illustrations by Yulia Kirgizova.

Papers In Progress…

  1. Q-bonacci words and numbers
    Sergey Kirgizov
    pdf arXiv

  2. Asymptotic bit frequency in Fibonacci words
    Jean-Luc Baril, Sergey Kirgizov, and Vincent Vajnovszki
    pdf arXiv Submitted.

  3. Gray codes for Fibonacci q-decreasing words
    Jean-Luc Baril, Sergey Kirgizov and Vincent Vajnovszki
    pdf arXiv Submitted.

What’s new ?


Je suis Maître de Conférences.

I do combinatorics at LIB laboratory of Université de Bourgogne. My teaching include Unix, Information Systems and Big Data related courses at ESIREM.

Before, I studied mathematics and computer science at Siberian Altai State University, where Sergei Zhilin was a supervisor of my Master thesis. During my Master internship I worked together with Jacques Malenfant and Olga Melekhova from Paris 6 University. We showed how to apply Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Autonomic Resource Allocation in Clouds.

I defended my PhD thesis on December 2014 in Paris, under the supervision of Clémence Magnien. My Phd thesis is about the study of the Internet topology dynamics from network theoretical and statistical points of view. Then, I had a temporary teaching and research position at Université de Bourgogne where I conducted research in two fields:

For two years, I was a member of R&D group at Page Up.


CS courses. Find details here.

I would like to present you my
Other responsibilites/activities
  • Project leader of “Artico — L’ART de la COmbinatoire et ses Interactions”, a scientific project (grant) supported by Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, 2021-2023.

  • Supervision and organisation of various student projects and stages.

  • Popularization of science: participation in the ArtScience biennial “Réseaux ! Partout tu tisses” 2020-2021.

  • Award winning Start-Up "Cloud Application for Data Mining", founded by Sergey Zhilin (Altai State University, Barnaul, Russia) in 2010. I participated in developing of the Workflow model, the Workflow Calculation Manager, and in various infrastructure works.

  • Founder of Papersᵞ — discussion board for scientific papers.

  • Reviewer for The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics; Discrete Mathematics; SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics; The Australasian Journal of Combinatorics; GASCom; ALGOTEL; IEEE Communications Letters; CompleNet; International Journal of Computer Mathematics; Journal of Automata, Languages and Combinatorics.

  • Principal participant of PEPS MoMIS SEISME project — "Graph-Streaming pour l’etude de la dynamique des sphères politiques et mediatiques".

  • Member of the organisation committee of

  • Supervision of research intern, a student from ENS Lyon.

  • I was the technical administrator of ComplexNetworks team’s website.


Address: LIB, Université de Bourgogne,
9 av. Alain Savary
BP 47 870, 21078 Dijon Cedex, FRANCE

E-mail: sergey.kirgizov🐱

My Hypercube and Yulia's Painting, 2020