During my Master internship I studied Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence together with Jacques Malenfant and Olga Melekhova from Paris 6 University. I defended my PhD thesis on December 2014 in Paris, under the supervision of Clémence Magnien. My Phd thesis is about the study of the Internet topology dynamics from network theoretical and statistical points of view. Then, I had a temporary teaching and research postion at Université de Bourgogne where I conducted research in two fields:

Currently I’m working in R&D group of Page Up, in Dijon. I teach Unix and Advanced Information Systems at ESIREM and continue the resarch in combinatorics and network science at Université de Bourgogne.


More than 700 hours of various CS courses. Find details here.


11 International Journals articles and 7 Peer-Reviewed International Conferences. See my publications page for details.

What’s new ?

  • New paper Bijections between directed animals, multisets and Grand-Dyck paths .pdf arXiv:1906.11870 is submitted !
    Jean-luc Baril, David Bevan and Sergey Kirgizov

  • Motzkin paths with a restricted first return decomposition. accepted.pdf
    is accepted to INTEGERS journal !
    Jean-luc Baril, Sergey Kirgizov and Armen Petrossian

  • Enumeration of Lukasiewicz paths modulo some patterns. .pdf
    Discrete Mathematics, Volume 342, Issue 4, April 2019
    Jean-luc Baril, Sergey Kirgizov and Armen Petrossian

  • Descent distribution on Catalan words avoiding a pattern of length at most three .pdf Discrete Mathematics, Volume 341, Issue 9, September 2018
    Jean-luc Baril, Sergey Kirgizov and Vincent Vajnovszki

  • A paper Dyck paths with a first return decomposition constrained by height is published! .pdf
    Discrete Mathematics 341(6): 1620-1628 (2018)
    Jean-luc Baril, Sergey Kirgizov and Armen Petrossian

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  • Sergey Kirgizov
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  • Sergey Kirgizov
    13 Rue Marguerite Yourcenar
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    E-mail: skirgizov🐱pageup.fr