During my Master internship I worked in Reinforcement Learning & Artificial Intelligence domain with Jacques Malenfant and Olga Melekhova from Paris 6 University.

I defended my PhD thesis on December 2014 in under the supervision of Clémence Magnien (Paris 6 University). In my PhD thesis I have studied the Internet topology dynamics from network (graph) theoretical and statistical points of view.

Currently, I have a temporary teaching and research postion Université de Bourgogne (Dijon, France) where I do combinatorics together with Jean-luc Baril, Armen Petrossian, and Vincent Vajnovszki.

What’s new ?

From 26-30 June 2017 I was in Iceland, presenting our poster about Forests and pattern avoiding permutations modulo pure descents in Permutation Patterns Conference at Reykjavik University.

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Laboratoire LE2I UMR CNRS 6306
9 Avenue Alain Savary
21078 Dijon
E-mail: sergey.kirgizov@u-bourgogne.fr