I defended my PhD thesis on December 12th 2014 in ComplexNetworks team of the LIP6, under the supervision of Clémence Magnien. In my PhD thesis I have studied the Internet topology dynamics from network (graph) theoretical and statistical points of view. Currently, I have a temporary teaching and research postion (ATER) in the Pôle 2 - "combinatorics, networks and data science" of the Le2i:

During my internship I worked in Reinforcement Learning & Artificial Intelligence with Jacques Malenfant and Olga Melekhova from MoVe team of the LIP6.

My dream is to understand how humans attract to interesting things and to create artificial version of a child’s intellect that is capable to learn new things without external supervision.

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Laboratoire LE2I UMR CNRS 6306
9 Avenue Alain Savary
21078 Dijon
E-mail: sergey.kirgizov@u-bourgogne.fr